N-Scale Layout

The N-scale layout is the primary layout at our club. It fills much of the 60×40 foot main room with a main line fifteen scale miles long (500 feet). We model a fictional main line (the Lehigh, Monongahela & Ohio) from Bound Brook, NJ to Cincinnati, OH. Once a month, we run the railroad prototypically. During the course of about two and a half hours, we run a full “day” of trains, with six mainline freights, six passenger trains, six local switching jobs, and numerous “extra” trains (autoracks, coal, ore, and whatever you’d like to run from your own collection). A dispatcher in the back office keeps the traffic moving and everyone has a great deal of fun. 


Model railroads are never complete. There will always be more to do such as repairs, upgrading track, refurbishing electronics, and refurbishing scenery. This is a lifetime project.